Behold the Circus of the Damned....

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Welcome to the Anitaverse. This little community is for those that are addicted to the life and many complications that are Anita Blake. If you have to ask who she is, then this maybe isn't the place for you. Spoilers will be posted and it's always better to read the series first. Just in case, here's a little info. Anita Blake is the creation of Laurell K. Hamilton (www.laurellkhamilton.org) and has eleven books published about her life. Anita started in Guilty Pleasures, the first book, as only a vampire executioner and zombie animator. As the years went by though, she became a master necromancer, human servant, werewolf lupa/Bolverk of the Thronnos Rokke Clan, and wereleopard Nimir-Ra of the Blooddrinkers' Clan. She went from pulling a gum on everybody that came near her, to having seven men in her life--none of them human. So if this interested you, come and join the Circus of the Damned.