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Laurell in DC

Laurell K. Hamilton: Incubus Dreams

Ever wanted to raise zombies for a living, talk to your ancestors or solve supernatural crimes? Author Laurell K. Hamilton does it all the time in her bestselling Vampire Hunter series. With more than two million books in print, the series has become a pop-culture phenomenon readers are sinking their teeth into. Find out what the feeding frenzy (oops...reading frenzy) is all about when the inventive Hamilton joins us to introduce her 12th Vampire Hunter installment. In Incubus Dreams, Blake is called on to investigate a serial killer, possibly a vampire, stalking local strip clubs. The case presents a challenge for the usually intrepid investigator. How can she put her head behind finding and convicting a vampire when her heart belongs to the ever-intoxicating, ever-erotic Master Vampire of the City? (Okay, maybe you'll never run with the werewolves, but meeting Hamilton and reading her books could be the next best thing.) Please note: The author will sign up to three books per customer: one personalized, two autographed.

October 4, 2004 7:30 PM
Location: in store.

Baileys Crossroads
Crossroads Center
5871 Crossroads Center Way
Baileys Crossroads, VA
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Incubus Dreams is definatly one of her best works...i was slightly dissapointed with Cerulean Sins, but her best was...maybe The Killing Dance...what do you think? I'm kinda iffy about the whole Micah thing and how that will work out, but i just wish we could get more of the sexyest vampire in the buisness...and Asher. *drool* Sexy beasts.

*Random comment of fandimodium*
Micah is my favorite. Jean Claude is wonderful but he's like a fixture. My favorite was Blue Moon until I read Incubus Dreams
Hi everyone! I'm new here. I just wanted to say that I think this is really cool. May I join this community?
to join, click on the "join this community" link at the top of the info page. And Welcome.