Tumultous Texan of Titicaca (kellygyrl) wrote in anitainchains,
Tumultous Texan of Titicaca

Ok, I need some help. Does anyone here remember what happened to Gretchen? I can't remember if she died after she was released from her coffin or what. Someone...help? Thanks.
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Anita and Jean Claude let her go after she'd fed, after threatening to kill her if she attacked Anita again. It always bothered me with Gretchen, its so open-ended in NIC, you don't even see her walking out the door or anything.. the conversation just ends and then they go on to try and save Damian. Set for Gretchen to return, maybe? :/
there is something about her being crazy because she was in the box too long and that she is under there protection in CS