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Incubus Dreams Tarot

Okay some asked if I would break down the Tarot section from Incubus Dreams (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series-- It's the 12th book in the series) and hopefully explain it to people that don't have a Tarot back ground. I think with everything fictional, LKH might have adapted the cards to suit her needs.

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A couple of thinks that I want to point out before I go into the play by play action:

1) LKH, I think did her research as she was writing this passage, or had some basic knowledge.

2) LKH changed Suit names twice. Pentacles/Pentagrams (Although I know of on a couple of decks that uses Pentagrams-Unless you picked the deck up as your first one. You would use Pentacles -Disks-Or Coins). The second is her switching from Wands to Rods almost mid paragraph. It's confusing. She also says that the Wands are the "power" suit while this is not true, Pentacles are the power suit. Although, Wands is the "energy" suit (So she might have gotten it confused).

3) She does a modify Celtic Cross I think, but she crosses every card. Although, you can do this, normally, well for me, it's not done.

4) Over use of Deity-(she spells it wrong d-i-e-t-y) Unless you are wicca/wicca not many people will use this in the reading like this. Not even some of the Christian readers that I know would use God as much as she does. But then again, I don't know who taught her.

5) I don't know if I would agree that Nate is a Knight-I would maybe see him as a Page/Knave. Not because I see him as a child, but because he is "new" to his Adulthood. I don't think Micah is the King of Wands, I am not sure where I would put him. More like the Knight of Cups. Again, for me it has nothing to do with age, but what we have seen so far in the story. I would agree that Anita is the Queen of Swords, I have seen nothing to indicate that she is moving to be the Queen of Wands.

"She was quiet for a few moments, and she wasn't guessing. She was using either her own gifted intuition, or she was drawing a card, a tarot card that is. " I'm looking at the Knight of Cups here, that's usually Nathaniel's card." I'd been skeptical, to say the least, when Marianne first got out a deck of cards to do a "reading", but they were eerily accurate, at least in her hands.

When she'd first started, Nathaniel's card had been the Page of Cups, a child's card, or at least a very young person, but of late he'd been promoted. Knight of Cups.
"Yeah, that's it."

(I am not sure if I agree here, I don't see him as Knight of Cups, because Knight of Cups is comfortable in his own skin, can take care of himself, and is a romantic, forceful romantic. The type o man who takes charge of things not let them get out of hand and who is very much in charge of their own relationships. I am not saying that a Sub can't be the Knight of Cups, they can. I just don't think Nate is the Knight of Cups because of what happened with Det. Arnet. He can't seem to pull away from that situation. He is also making himself adapt to the woman he loves. The Knight of Cups is who he is, he doesn't adapt to love, because he is already developed, he doesn't need to change himself. If he is a Cups Court Card, he to me is the Page of Cups, just learning what love is. In some deck the Knight is more mature than the King.)

Silence, and I knew she was laying a spread. She'd actually tried to get me to use the cards, to see if I had any abilities for divination, but they were just pretty pictures to me. My gifts lay elsewhere.

"King of Wands, Micah is with you, too." It wasn't a question.

(Again, I don't see Micah as the King of Wands, he might be the Knight of Wands.)

"Yes." I could picture her with her long gray hair tied back in a no-nonsense ponytail, probably in one of her loose, flowing gowns, sitting cross-legged on the bed, which is where she'd have been this late. She was slender and strong, and her body didn't match her hair, or the fact that she was closer to sixty than fifty.

"The devil, temptation. You haven't fed the ardeur yet, have you?"

(The ardeur could be the Devil here! Anita views it as such.)

It used to creep me out that she could do this, but I'd gotten used to it. It was just something Marianne could do. She didn't hold it against me that I raised zombies, and I didn't hold it against her that she could tell what was happening hundreds of miles away. In fact, sometimes, like now, it came in handy.

"Not yet."

"The Priestess, you have a question for me."

(So did she pull this card, or is it her "card")


"You're not doing something silly like trying to choose between Micah and Nathaniel, are you?"

"Thanks a lot."

"You can't blame me, Anita, you do tend to complicate your life."

I sighed. "Fine, true, but sort of, and not exactly."

"Fine, be cryptic."

"Not in the way you might mean," I said finally.

"So not dumping one for the other," she said.


"Well, that's good." She was quiet for longer this time. "I'll stop guessing. I've laid a reading." She preferred to do a reading without knowing anything about the problem. Marianne felt that if you talked to much you influenced the person doing the reading.

"I put you in the center, Queen of Swords.

(Yes, I see Anita as the Queen of Swords-Did she pick this card or did she draw it?)

The past is the five of pentagrams, being left out in the cold, not getting your needs met.

(It should be the 5 of Pentacles because she used Pentacles as suit in the rest of the reading. Again, this could be just from the deck she was using.)

Deity is the six of cups, which can be someone from your past coming back into your life, someone you felt a strong connection with.

(Again, I am not sure what spread she is using, but I don't know why this card would be the "god/universe/all powerful" card. Is she using this card to show the inner or spiritual connection.)

Future is the Knight of Cups, Nathaniel's card.

(Is she sure this is Nate?? It could be telling her that she needs to embrace love - or a hundred different things, just because it's a court card doesn't mean that it's someone. She has to look at the whole spread.)

The mundane is the four of pentacles, the Miser, holding onto things that no longer help your life run smoothly.

(Sigh, mundane-most say this is the everyday or what is happing in life. This is where she switches suites - I don't think that Marianne would be switching from one deck to the other. Once you call a suit something it's hard to switch. If Marianne has been doing cards for a long time she would stick with one name.)

Now we'd do the connecting cards." She was quiet for a second or two, while she thought, or prayed, or whatever she did to make the cards talk to her. I understood everything but the six of cups so far. "Connecting the mundane to the past is the Lover's card.

(Again, it might because I have only been studying a year, but I have never seen this spread. Although it could be a spread that Marianne made up.)

Something happened in your love life that made you be afraid of being hurt, or giving up something, or someone.

(LOL enough with the fiancé.)

Connecting the past to deity is the King of Wands, usually Micah's card, but it could be energy, a male presence in your life.

(Well, if she already said it was Micah above… LOL)

Connecting deity to the future is the two of swords; you have a choice to make, and you think it's difficult, but if you take off the blindfold, you can see, and you have what you need to do it.

(Okay, really want to know - What the Deity card is. Is she using it as a spiritual connection of for Anita.)

Connecting the future to the mundane is the Knight of Wands, another man in your life. You do draw a lot of male energy to you."

(Okay, she says above that the King of Wands might not be Micah, why is this one another man in her life. Can't it mean that Anita is going to change addresses, go on a journey.)

"Not on purpose," I said.

"Hush, I'm not finished."

"Overlaying the Miser is the six of swords, help unseen, or help from a spiritual source

(Cover this cover that-Enough with the covers - She should have just done a simple reading. To many coverings, IMO. )

Overlaying the lovers is the four of rods, the marriage card.

(Okay, this is the first change from Wands to RODS-Ughhh annoying. Four of wands doesn't necessary mean marriage. It could mean that there is a celebration in store. Something good is going to happen. Crossing the Lovers card might mean that she will finally find love and be happy with it or a celebration of a child or moving in together.)

Overlaying the out in the cold is the ten of pentacles, happy prosperous home.

(That was the *cough* 5 of Pentagrams her past - is now covered with the Ten of Pentacles -- *Grin*)

Hmm. The King of Rods and the six of cups stand on their own, but the two of swords has crossed with the Queen of Wands. Nathaniel's card is crossed with the ten of cups, a happy home, true love. the Knight of Wands is crossed by the Devil, temptation."

(Okay, totally lost here! This is the sentence I have the most issues with. She goes from the King of Rods to the Queen of Wands. Didn't the 2 of Swords cross Deity to Future? Where did the Queen of Wands come from, she hadn't picked her. And who ever this new person in Anita's life will be a temptation/obsession.

Ten of Cups, doesn't mean True Love, it means happiness for a family a relationship. It's the happy ever after card according to some books, but it really doesn't mean that it's your true love.)

"Okay, I get most of it, but who is the Knight of Wands, and why is he covered by temptation? And who is the Queen of wands?"

"I think the Queen of Wands is you."

"I'm always the Queen of Swords."

"Maybe that's changing. Maybe you're coming into your power, into yourself."

"I'm already myself," I said.

"Have it your way."

"I'm trying to."

(I don't agree with this. How does she know the Queen of Wands is Anita, there is no indication that she is, not from this reading anyway.)

I'd say the Lovers and the four of rods are your old fiancé in college that dumped you.

(I would disagree here. Four of Wands is a happy card, linked with the lovers it means happiness on going. If it was the Lovers and 10 of Swords I would agree. But there was nothing happy about that engagement.)

That experience led you to be the Miser with your emotions. You need to let that go.

(Yes, she has been a Miser… but I have problems with the first two cards)

Your home was the five of pentacles, cold, but now it's a happy prosperous home.

(Is it prosperous? With Nate feeling the way he does.. Anita is happy but that's not what the others in her life feel.)

You're going to be offered up some difficult choices soon; that has something to do with someone from your past.

(This didn't pan out in the books, So, Marianne is not dead on ;) )

I think Micah's cad is the message that he's helped you heal some of those old wounds, because he bridges the past with deity."

"He's a gift from deity?"

"Don't be cheeky. when the universe, or God, or Goddess, or whatever you choose to say, gives you someone in your life that comes in and makes so much right, so quickly, be grateful. Be grateful instead of picking at it." Marianne knew me too well.

(A gift of something - LOL no but Again.. Is it Micah….)

"And the Knight of Wands?"

"Someone new, or someone old, but you'll be seeing them in a new light. It will be a temptation, but the wands represent power, so it could be a temptation to use power or gain power, rather than anything relationshipwise."

"I don't need more temptation in my life, Marianne."

(I am wondering if this is Damian. It could be… But there is not enough to go on.)

Okay that's my deal and I am sticking to it. I have lots of issues with this if this was an actual reading but it's fiction right. I just would have liked her to "research" first then write, or go back and edit.

I just didn't get all the deity stuff.. But that's me.

Thanks for reading my rant….
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